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Baidu Browser

The Baidu browser (formerly Baidu Spark Browser) is a Chromium-based web browser, the same engine that runs Google Chrome. Attractive design, cultural change, good integration with Facebook and the feature to download videos makes Baidu a valuable reviewer.

Like Chrome, but with more features

By downloading Chrome, adding some interesting features and technologies, the result will be Baidu Browser.

This software includes sidebar, which gives you quick accessto bookmarks and downloads, forenlarging the forenlargingor function of page breaks, widgets, and Facebook, which allows you to have a real social stream of yours.

Baidu Checker allows you to use mouse diseases to perform certain actions, such as switching, tab closing, or moving back and forth. There are dozens of pressures, each of which are described in the Tools section in Settings. However, you can not create a new modified gesture.

BetweenBaidu Browser interface provides a Media button which allows you to download videos from the page you are viewing.

Another useful feature allows you to break the amount in the dashboard set, useful feature when you have a lot of tabs open and you do not know where the sound gets tired.

As in Chrome, in Baidu Browser, you have access to the most popular web-based networks when you open a new tab (New Tab). https://sossemtempo.com/2018/01/30/baidu-antivirus-download/

Finally, the Baidu Browser has features forCapture images from the screen. You may lose some overall page or screen. In addition, it combines several basic tools for getting images or adding texts, colors and other features.

Designed for you

The interface is very similar to Chrome, but with more youth designs. If the electric blue color (default color) does not belong to you, do not worry, Baidu Browser contains some other skin, you can choose the button next to the whiteboard.

Sidebar sidebar Galturned on or off as desired. The button for saving photos or downloading videos is clearly displayed on the address bar page.

Surprise the surfers

In general, Baidu Browser is a very successful browser. Facebook integration works fine, and sidebar is a useful voyage without surfing the web.

Download video recording videos is useful and always available. Retro-persuasive mouse signals and enhanced browser usage.

Ultimately, Baidu Browser is a solutionrecommended for those looking for the authenticity of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome that are popular. Not only stop you finding anything in terms of quality and speed while surfing the Internet, it is now updated to improve your online browsing experience.


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