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Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus is a software security by Beijings the ultimate great web company. The free beta version is fully English and provides great protection for your computer. You can also send feedback to Baidu and help change the functions for the last printing. Even in its beta form, Baidu Antivirus has all the basics for stopping and detecting viruses.


Baidu Antivirus includesfull scan to check your entire PC, Quick Scan for the Highest Level of Program, and custom scans for specific problems. You can also opt for real-time protection with additional features, such as file system protection, proactive defense, Internet access protection, and self-defense. Unfortunately, most of the complex features of thesemore have a brief delay to explain briefly what doesthey are.

Baidu Antivirus also contains a feedback window where you can submit suggestions or report Baidu errors. You can easily attach image files to help you clarify the questions. There is an option to include your contact information, such as email, line, MSN or even Facebook.


Baidu Antivirus has a large icon that can easily understand their functionality. When you open the application for the first time,you will be given buttons to select a full, fast, or custom scan. The right arrow on the right will reveal a real-time protection tab. Here you can slide largeswitches to turn on and off options.

You can add customization of Baidu Antivirus in its detailed settings menu. Here you can schedule automated opening and scanning, select what happens to quarantined programs, and fully display every scanwill be. There are also buttons for fast reaching Baidus websites and community forums.


Baidu Antivirus looks clean with a simple white and blue color scheme. All of its features are set intuitively and we have not encountered any errors or slowdowns. Full scans are likely to take a long time, but the scanning process does not have any noticeable effect on computer performance. Something to donote that beta Baidu Antivirus does not have audio-pop-up popups to tell you when the job is over.


Baidu Antivirus is an effective tool for protecting your computer. Beta is working without noticeable punches. If you have any problems Baidu is happy to hear feedbackinformation on how Baidu Antivirus can be further enhanced.

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