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My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a virtual pet game featuring starring in Talking Tom Cat and Talking Tom Cat 2 You need to keep Tom happy as he feeds, disturbs him, brings him to the bathroom sleeping and playing with him,

It’s more interactive than ever

My discussion puts both elements like the Talking Tom Cat program, but requires things over a long period of time, giving you more workand getting you as much as a parent.

You can still do all the basic things you can talk toTom City and other Outfit Animals Interaction games, such as getting Tom repeat what you say aloud and interacting with him in a different way. But the shape of “My Tom Speaking” now feels like the game of a virtual pet- “Pu”. There is more to do with your cat friends, like playingof mini games, pretend your appearance, food choices, and home improvement Tom for your choice.

Another key feature is the ability to create Tom’s videos with the supernatural.

Finding New Things On My Phone Tom needs game coins that are available on trips or can be purchased. There is a strengthening system that you can end your time and cats, whose needs are satisfying. As you continue, openYou have new items and items from the store.

There are mini games in my Talking Tom, such as supermarkets, giving you the chance to win coins, and meet Tom’s entertainment needs.

I’m not saying that I’m talking Tom

As well as “Poe” (and tammotchis for that matter), your pet in “My Talk” Tom has identified the “needs” to meet. They are presented by circular meters underneatha screen that is seriously harmful should be reproduced by making certain steps. The principle is easy to understand, and when you start playing “My Call” Tom, your ideas are well illustrated.

Four main points are: entertainment (re-milling (talking to Tom or playing mini games), eating (her mouth full of food), bladder (toilet-filled), and light shine). To do one of these actionsthis, just touch the icon.

What does it look like?

The picture and general presentation in my chat Tom did not come from chatting with Tom Cat 2. The title looks similar the same (though you can put it more personal) and its lovable voice is alike. Also, it seems, Tom is the only hero who appears in the game (for example, no boyfriend’s incident speaks to an angel, or to his lonely neighbors, who speaks of Ben dog.

Oneinteresting featureMy Tom Talking is the ability to visit the homes of other players and to see how their decorations are decorated. You can also search for treasures where you can get more coins.

There is also a mini game where you know what Tom is doing, which is great, especially for small players.


If you’re a fan of Talking Tom Cat or Pou, you will enjoy Talking Tom as it brings beautifulthings for the same. However, some people may find that the concentration camp processThis is quite frequent and repeated.

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