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PES 2014

PES 2014 is playing again in the field, this time with the focus of the game. The main focus of this release is a new graphic moment, better animation and a fun atmosphere.

League, Cup, Tournament and online multiplier

Pro Evolution Soccer, which already has downloadable patches, offers several game modes:

Undertime of the stationary route you will get a picture and will work in certain situations in the game, an unpleasant interference, using dead time!

For IPES 2014 is not serious, but from the point of view of usability, this is definitely a step from the modern and the new FIFA 14.

Free movement completely on the ground

Game controlin PES 2014 has not undergone any significant change. The main function is TrueBall Tech: with the help of the best analog controls, you can stop or control the ball by 360 degrees. The rating is an impressive realism and unprecedented freedom of movement in the PES. It is possible with the correction physical physics,which means that this is not a boring “ball” that has passed the series for years.

Also improved is a solution that is much more up to date and reliable. The strength, weight and physical strength of the player can affect the outcome or the impact of the shoulder on the player’s shoulder.

Maneuvering is now more logical, the game prefersplay, and its speed is slower than in previous years. It’s more difficult to steal a ball from the player and put it in the back of the goal. Now you need to check the player’s position in the field, and you have earned the right players to score goals.

Success after PES 2014 is a quick guidelinechanges in past games, where they are a natural movement. Baptism is calibrated in a “manual” way than before, while in the autumn it is more likely, although some of its paths are slightly oriented.

They are beautifulAnima, and some of his savings are amazing. The way they go after balls and crosses, calms down, regardlessOn the slowness and wickedness of the goalkeeper when communicating with the attacker leaves as much as you want (and the key to the Xbox Joopad).

This artificial intelligence is one of the biggest accents in the 2014 PES player, which pushes the processor looks properly, looks more unexpected, workswith commands and, if necessary, can record entries that make you incapable of saying anything. There are 6 optional levels of difficulty AI.

But good, the PES 2014 game also requires a tactic that matches your team. The scope of his work is more limited than in FIFA, but a good editor doesThis is a disadvantage, which gives you the ability to create a large number of modules.

Incredible gameplay

The new PES 2014 graphics engine works well. All details are taken into account, and the physical similarity of virtual players is noticeably impressive (but only known and “not so famous”,a little rough around the edges). Much attention is paid to the production of each level with excellent details of choreography and a unique member of the team.

In addition to these improvements, the engine still needs to be mature: we noticed that random drops from the frame, although it does not affect the game. In addition, it is unclearno rain or snow This is not a transition, but it is certainly unusual to play on this caliber.

Other new features for PES 2014 are virtually devoid of “binary”: players now move with full freedom and do not have pre-existing staff.

Sound effects are probably the best with PES 2014year The audience is the 12th player to support groups with constant destruction that causes fire risks, opponents who whistle and send their heroes to the goal, especially in the most awesome games. In short, Conami managed to create an extraordinary atmosphere in which the game is really emotional.

Morninga new era

For Pro Evolution Soccer this is the beginning of a new era. This release is highly dependent on the game: more team games, controlsgravets, redesigned score physics, realistic solutions and various functions that improve the gameplay.

So, is PES 2014 finally beaten by FIFA? In a word – no. EAsimulator is allyet the king, but the gap should be narrow, and the name Konami is now the right alternative.

Programmers have created an entertainment award that allows players to enter stadiums that are not equivalent to other soccer video games.

Friction machine, although still slightly scratched and rough aroundedge, is very important in the revival of the franchise. Konam, of course, made great strides in the right direction: the simulation aspect of the title has improved significantly, mainly the happiness of all genres of the genre.


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