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The Cured 2018

Treated Europe for six years suffering from a virus that turns people into monsters like zombies. Finally, the treatment was found, but it was an unexpected enemy: the past. He healed still haunted by memories of their actions as they become infected. At the same time, humankind fights to welcomehealing society, because there are still many who are worried about this.


Subtitles: After

Classification: NA

General Release Date: April 19, 2018

Genre: Horror

Duration: not available

Distributor: HST image

Players: Ellen Page, Sam Kiley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

Director: David Freyne


In this action-packed thriller Liam Neeson plays as an insurance agent, Michael, on a daily journey that routine quickly. Once contacted by a mysterious stranger, Michael was forced to reveal the identity of the passenger, which was hidden on the train to the last stop. tijdhij depending pratsavavufrom time to time to solve the puzzle, he realized that he was deadly plan in the process unwittingly caught up in a conspiracy. It brings a commitment of life and death to him, for him and his companions.

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