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Mazinger Z: Infinity 2018

Fathom, Viz Media and Animation TOEI make the first English title Mazinger Z: INFINITI for the entire movie just two days in February. Last year, criminal investigator dr. Pek leads his followers to destroy all mankind. Against these forces, What Kabuto won, playing Mazinger’s robot story;Now who left the test seat, but met without expectation to make the biggest threat to humanity. Movie viewers also get reminded of mini (during final power).

Mazinger Z Infiniti Films derived from franchise for “MAZINGER” aims to celebrate 45 years of franchiseand the 50th anniversary of the creator Go Nagai as an artist’s manga.
He was followed by a powerful, powerful Minger Z, who was created to prevent Dr Crime. Hell from attacking the world.

Language: Japanese

Title: English / Malaysian / Chinese

Note: NO

Release date: March 1, 2018

Type: Signs

Running time: Not available

Distributors: GSCMovie



To: 2D

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