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Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE

Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE, as its name suggests, is a tool for burning CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.
You can place a set of files on selected discs or create specialized movies or music CDs. There are several other weapons, ranging from creating disk images to backups. Best of all, it’s free.

Burning tire

Repair this: Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE is fast. Although we do not compare it with other modern variants, we managed to fill your DVDwith data in a minute. Of course, this depends to a certain extent on the computer, particularly on the CD-DVD drive it uses to record, but the software itself costs little or nothing: it’s definitely good.

Also, simply save the data to the disk, you can do more with it. You can create DVD music videos or music CDs with the appropriate functionality. You can also make backup copies of your CDs or DVDs and even encrypt them, if they fit the teufantazja or your needs. You can not make backup copiesof the operating system in this way, but that is not much of what you can expect from any software, but the operating system itself. You can definitely back up your files and folders, and for most it’s the most important.

All you can do is remove and save the disc again if you need it or you plan to use it again. You can create disk images, changing all the contents of the disk into a file. It’s great to pull out the contents of the old Linux that will work on onevirtual machine, for example. In general, any typical CD / DVD functionality you need is the software you can do.

At the time, to the task

Basically, Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE is a well-oiled machine, which is about almost every type of tobacco. You have several other useful functions. However, he observes that each part of the software created or interrupted by the interface because it is as simple as it should be. In this regard, Ashampoo Burning Studio is not so perfect, but it is more than good.

AoRecording a CD or DVD, the progress bar is accurate and contains all the relevant information for everyone, but for anyone who tests the quality of the newly manufactured discs (in this case, the standard software industry is better than Burning Studio).


See it is in a set with other products, Ashampoo Burning Studio FREEIS Ashampoo is a fantastic product, someone who wants to burn some albums or buy music from what you just bought or a small company that wants to distribute betterthe software for your employees or clients, it is worth considering as your own selection tool.

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