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Audio Recorder

Windows is a powerful operating system with free tools, but there really is something. The recorder is a great example, it can create audio files from your microphone support, but it’s true. Fortunately, can you step into your notebook without any confusion using EZSoftmagic? Sound Recorder. This can record different formats and manage quality trials for free.

Better AudioSearch

The recorder is a more accurate step of starting Microsoft audio recordings. You can record any sound of youran audio card, not justa micro input, so you can record music and sound from sources. This makes it very useful. You can also record directly to MP3 and OGG format, not just WAV. You have special features such as the ability to set the time for recording, or look at the silence so that it is recorded when it is recorded. You can change the quality of audio recording and even before you save.

Sound well

The recorder improves your recording and gives moreof control for you. The collapse of the interface is quite unreliable and sometime is underway. However, you will find many features and it’s very surprising. The main benefit is to choose a source for web logging, for example.


Can install folder and name for automatic. Save

Solve the problem of recording devices and starting

It can open several records at the same time

Small small fix

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