Throughout most of Season 1, UmiCar was an inanimate car

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Clara breaks free of the trance and finds the Doctor stumbling blindfolded through her house, trying to babysit Angie and Artie, who have in fact tricked him and gone to the cinema. As soon as she mentions the s and Trenzalore, the Doctor properly breaks down and begins to silently cry. He explains that the Exact Words meant that it’s not his secret that is at Trenzalore, but his grave. Delinquent Hair: Maji’s hair is styled into a mohawk. Disappeared Dad: Ratchet’s father died when he was a child, which turned him into an eccentric obsessed with machines as an adult. Establishing Character Moment: The first minute does a good job establishing the seven Straw Hats. Early Installment Weirdness: In “The Big Boat Race”, the tones used for “Milli Measure” and “Pattern Power” are switched. Throughout most of Season 1, UmiCar was an inanimate car. Ears as Hair: Subverted.

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