Outpatient care <

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For the 3rd time in his last 6 games, AD eclipsed the 90 FPTS mark! He has amassed 474 FPTS over that span!Fantasy Player of the Night: Anthony DavisFantasy Player of the Night: Anthony DavisHe. Is. UNSTOPPABLE! Once again, our Fantasy Player of the Night is Anthony Davis! AD had 96.1 NBA Fantasy points and a line of 53 PTS, 18 REB, 5 BLK, 3 AST 1 STL..

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Outpatient care >> Consultations with specialists
> Laboratory tests
> Microchip implantation
> Pet Home (home care)
> Pet Phone (telemarketing with 24-hour veterinarians)
> Vaccines
> Urgency and emergency
PLANO PET PLUS – From 1 to 8 years R $ 112.86 and under 1 year R $ 134,35
> Hospital care
> Surgery
> Consultation with specialists <
>> Laboratory examinations
> Imaging tests
> Microchip implantation
> Internationalization> PetHome- home care
> PetPhone- telemarketing with veterinarians of pla

PET PLANET TOTAL – From 1 to 8 years R $ 168.33 and less than 1 year
R $ 200.38
Outpatient care <


Expert consultations
> Laboratory examinations
> Image exams -> Internment
> Microchip implantation
> Pet Home (home care)
> Pet Phone (telemarketing with veterinarians on duty 24 hours)
> Vaccines
> Urgency and emergency

PLANO PET SENIOR – From 9 years R $ 46, 00
> This plan includes the homesite services Pet Phone, DigiPet, Pet, PetClub, annual vaccinations and the 1st visit PetHome (house) for implantationFor more information, please contact the (whatsapp) number: (21) 98590-7354
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