The Bully: Shane Hawkins, in the group’s school days, with

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Revelation of Evil God: Mio taking more responsibility as Ricardo’s replacement, Presia’s dark secret regarding her immortality and the culmination of the Yang Long Saphine relationship by introducing Yang Long’s Love Interest Elshine Grace. Additionally, the concept of “Full Possession”, a one time event in Part 1, is elaborated. Pride of Justice: Elaborates further on the other Elemental Lords’ Possession skills, by giving Yang Long an event where he unlocks his own Full Possession. Fujiko wears hers to tail Russell back to his suite, which how she learns he’s Herr Mafroditte. Toon Physics: Lupin and Jigen fall from over thirty stories on a washer trolley and crash land through the roof of a paddy wagon without injury. And during their second bout, aboard his private chopper, Goering kicks Lupin, causing him to ricochet around the cockpit like a pinball.

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Replica Handbags He also gets revenge on the aristocracy who ordered his mother’s assassination by dissolving the aristocracy and taking away their money and titles. Big Brother Instinct: Deconstructed as Euphemia is happy to be away from Cornelia because her protectiveness is stifling and demeaning considering that Cornelia treats her like a child. Birthday Episode: Suzaku feels strangely about his birthday since it’s the day that his alter timeline self is born. Our Zombies Are Different: The Draug that attacks you at night. Thieves’ Guild: The Thieves’ Lodge. You can join it, shut it down, or leave it al. Jan enjoys Herman’s proposition for sex despite the fact that he’s a Dirty Old Man and she’s underage. Alpha Bitch: Cindy Asshole Victim: Pretty much everyone who dies except Barney, Greg and Anita. Arab may also be an exception, since the only bad thing she did was curse Replica Handbags.


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