Celestia banished them to the sun

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That began to change with the Dragonlance setting and the tinker gnomes of Mount Nevermind: descendants of humans cursed by the god of the forge for being petty and small minded, the minoi shunned magic in favor of the sciences, particularly engineering. and were completely incapable of approaching these rationally, compelled to make everything they built as complicated and Goldbergian as possible, and valuing failure above success because you couldn’t learn anything new once you’d got it right. Tinker gnomes were played for pure comedy, and proved fairly popular. Since then, engineering prowess has become a recurring trait for gnomes in various universes. Some of them are as inept as the original tinker gnomes, but other versions are actually much more competent.

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Replica Handbags Brony, He’s like. In A Coma: Applejack kept looking for excuses to give the Doctor CPR after he was knocked out. Rainbow Dash didn’t let her. Emotion Eater: Tirac, or rather The Source of Darkness, feeds off of negative emotions such as fear, hate, misery, and pain. 500,000 years ago he had plunged Equestria into a horrible global war in order to feed off of resulting the suffering and misery to strengthen the Source of Darkness. The reason he’s trying to destroy the diamond dog city is in order to consume the fear and pain of an entire city burning to death, restarting the Source and freeing him from his prison. Evil Is Petty: But at least Tirac admits it. Fate Worse Than Death: Thousands of years ago, a powerful and brutal society one day decided to enslave the ponies, probably for the lulz. Celestia banished them to the sun. where they still live. Needless to say, no other race had dared to wage war with the ponies ever since. The result of Tirac’s corruption is shown very graphically to be this. Faux Affably Evil: When he’s not roaring with inexpressible rage Tirac certainly seems to be a jolly individual; giggling manically, Chewing the Scenery, capering about like a vaudeville villain, plotting to torture the entire universe to death, forcing someone to peel off their own face, butchering dozens of innocent Unwitting Pawns, etc. Flat “What.”: One from Tirac while talking to Spike, and another from the TARDIS while talking to Fire Dazzler. Foe Tossing Charge: Twilight to Gabbro/Tirac through a meter thick wall of reinforced granite and into another wall hard enough to bring down the cave. Genius Ditz: Pinkie Pie with sweets and cakes. As of now she is trying to replicate alien cuisine with. mixed results. Getting Crap Past the Radar: There was a stale taste in [Mr Cake’s] mouth; the taste of whatever had been on his tongue the previous night, in this case strawberry wine and Mrs. Cake. Replica Handbags

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