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Love, Simon 2018

Simon Spier maintains great secrets from his family, friends and all his meetings: he’s gay. When this secret was threatened, Simon had to face everything and reconcile himself to his identity. Young adults,From time to time, Simon Spier went through another story: Romeo and Juliet.Simon loves boys, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea what he’s talking to. Simon must find out who is a boy – a son.By the way, he tries to find himself.

Everyone should be great love. But for Seventeen Simon Sper, it’s a very complicated thing: He continues to tell his family or friends that he is a good person and that he does not know the identity of his unnamed school friends down online.Solving both issues is ridiculous, scary and boring. Director Greg Berlandi (Riverdale, today, Supererler) wrote Isaac Aptaker; Elizabeth Berger (it is ours), and on the basis of the famous novel by Bekki Albertali, Dear, Simon is a fun and faithful story about an exciting journey to find and fall in love.

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