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Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15

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Professional man with Dragon brand new, V15, you can use your voice to create reports, emails, forms, and more. With a whole generation of voices of a new generation of machine learning technology usingdeep and deciphered that it is faster and more accurately than ever before, and requires less time for documentation and more time for activities that improves the final result.

let Dragon chigwaith

As a professional business, you are faced with a wide documentation every day. Learn howDragon Professional Person can help you create documents faster and more accurately, in the office and outside the office, so you can focus on the tasks that are profitable.

What’s New in Dragon Professional Single 15:

Documentation quickly and accurately

With the subsequent generation of voice engine technologytraining ddwfnMae’r Dragon also adjust language or change asyaroddyaVa environmental award. Create documents and reports quickly and accurately, and zip through computerized tasks in record time

All voice.

– Dragon to teach the words and phrases most frequently usedto reduce the corrections

– improves the accuracy of the speaker with an accent or a low noise, such as office cabin

– Rules automatically formatted smart addasyn how to display abbreviations, dates, phone numbers and more

– Apply voice format of B. pavtlustyaboaccentuation

– Working in a popular business applications

Your documentation should be at any time, anywhere

The documents, keep a steward on the road or in the field. Dragon works with the popular form factor, such as mobile computing software. And syncsio with Dragon Anywhere,each individually based mobile cymylauSymudiad, that allows you to create and edit documents of any length by voice directly on your Android device or firmware for seamless performance regardless of where you go.

– Speak, while you, as the filling of documents of any lengthan entire book of the annual report

– Easily create forms and templates in the form of filling the report, such as a form of customer involvement

– Import and allforioDewch equipment in and out of the popular cloud document sharing applications such as Dropbox and Evernote Notes as a

– Wrap-upProfessional man with the Dragon, and can complete the work in progress on the desktop to patokuByasshvovyh work documentation

Work more efficiently with powerful options

Imagine that you are filled with contact details “Insert signature and funky” or set a specific industry terminologyand DdraigWord types at any time. With advanced features such as the ability to create personolu normal commands and normal words, Dragon Professional Individual allows you to customize the way work greatly improve performance.

– Import and export of terminology lists or slovabreviyatury usualother unique individual companies

– Creating spoken commands to insert the normal graphics and amlTestunau

– Create macros to automate workflow to save time or multi-level business processes through simple command language

Tell me everywhere, trawsgrifiwchback to the desktop

Nha return to the reports and other documents for business trips. Tell a digital voice recorder and Dragon will decipher these records avtamatychnapry desktop connection. You can also use a different voice or sound files unigolynTrosi columnwith audio podcast recorded in advance. Optimized setting allows faster and easier transcripts than ever before.

Full transcript need to quickly and accurately without language training for third parties, which also act

AIF transmission with .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .mp4, .m4a, .

– Getting Startedfor review or correct the results of using transkryptsyiasnovnaya punctuation automatically that are not ordered

– Save time and avoid dependence on expensive transcription services



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