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Connectify Hotspot

Connecting hotspots converts your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing other computers, smartphones and tablets to share their connections.

Make a connection

Hotspot connectivity recognizes your computer web card and makes it a step by step, giving your web name and password. On “Origin Hotspot” will make your point of contact work, allowing you to connect to the device next to your password. The “Client” book will show you which devices are inventedyour achievements.

It works as much as you like without much input, though you can configure the option as a password and (in paid version) the web name. Once configured, you can manage relationships, as well as track their friends and previously connected devices.


Are you connecting so important? Your computer may be enabled using Wi-Fi as a hotspot, as all connected devices. So, if you have a wireless router,it seems inappropriate. It may be for youYou have a wireless connection house or want to set up a non-internet network that is not easy, but for most people, Hotspot Extensions have some uses.

He said Hotspot Extensions feature that can be quiet for everyday use is that you can share files and folders with other people on your internet via easy fly and drop interface.

If it is for you

Connecting Hotspot is not easy to useand do what you want. I did not ask him, but if he was better.

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