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It can be argued that FIFA 09 is the king of football games and the top of the “regeneration” series. This means that there is a huge amount of excitement on FIFA 10, the latest version of the classic EA.

Although its predecessor does not visually erase, the demonstration of FIFA PC 10 will show several “under the hood” changes that are reallyimprove the game. The introduction of 360 degree control is the largest. Your players do not move in eight directions, but everything you want to do provides much more precise control and provides more flexibility and more creative play.

The FIFA 10 player’s animation is completely reconfigured- now they are moving with the real character and the basket looks great. Your employees also improved intelligence, so they worked more naturally, so it’s less likely to do what you want.

Thus, FIFA 10 management has also been improved, perhaps in response to a wealth of experienceat Pro Evolution Konami Football. Players of FIFA10 will now bring “ambitions” that affect their decisions – if your team is full of defenders, it may be difficult to convince others to join because the player seldom wants to join. for a career very often.

A more transparent and subtle game than its predecessor, FIFA10 is a good and one more step to a completely realistic football experience.

FIFA 07 has long been replaced by FIFA 2012, but for those who remember what they liked in the first few days, FIFA 07 offers an exciting journey along the way to memory.

Like all FIFA games, FIFA 07 makes it realistic because it has a soccer gameSim, because he has a license to use the names of real players, different from the closest Pro Evolution Soccer. However, FIFA 07 was something in favor of this series, however, because it contains a complete reconstruction of the game engine, which means that you have to apply the tactics of the realof the world and think like a real player and manager to the wings.

The sound effects have been greatly improved thanks to realistic songs and song support, and for the first time FIFA 07 included a new network measure that allows you to play against real followers from other teams in EA Sports Interactive Links. Realityeven extends to the real world graph when you play, play. Meanwhile, the graphics were good, but now they look pretty old.

The gameplay in FIFA07 has been improved thanks to more intelligent players who play and implement more realistically in this field, revealspace and the way the past moves and shoots the ball. If the game is not enough, you may encounter a manager mode in which you can buy and sell players, set salary thresholds and make important tactical decisions. However, this is relatively limited, especiallywhen compared with FIFA Manager 2012.

With more than 10,000 players in 27 leagues around the world, FIFA 07 has set the standards that we see today in FIFA 12.

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