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Ramen Heads 2017

Osamu Tomita, the king who ruled Japan from grandma, within us “Ramen Heads”, takes us deeply into our world, revealing every step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect soup and noodles …

Look at the whole summary In “Ramen Heads”, Osama Tomita, the reaction of the King of Japan, he takes us deeply into histhe world, revealing all its obsessive approach to the creation of perfect soups and noodles, and its incredible quest for the finest ingredients. Like the story of Tommy, the film is the luckiest five other characteristic stores, each with its own philosophy and taste, which impliesdifferent aspects of the spine world. In a large number of historical roots, the film gives insights to the culture that surrounds a unique and fun dish. This is a 15-month documentary in the lives of Japanese top masters and their clips of certain fans.

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