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Hamsterball is a fast and crazy dynamic and laminated game of movement. The player controls a hamster in his favorite toy from a large and seemingly uninterrupted ball. Inspired by the retro arcade game Marble Madness that tries to avoid the many obstacles in your quest to reach the end of each course is the goal of this bad game. SopCast 32bit Torrent Download

Everything is yours

While helping to navigate your friends’ cloak througha variety of courses while in his Hamsterball Everyone seems to want to stop him. Ask the device in the appropriate directions to quickly avoid mousetra rats or open the route through the 360 ​​degree circuit. The courses are beautiful and beautiful and the sound effects are added to the fun and frantic environments. Every unique course is harder to be totally happy to try. Try to beat your scoreHigh is an addictivewelfare.

Fun and furious action

Hamsterball is a fun ball to play! With a variety of colorful and vibrant courses full of dangers and hurdles, this is a fun challenge to navigate them just by swinging the device. The dynamics of moving the screen in the right direction are easy to master and a unique way of control. Fast and furious gamein 3D with a hairy buddy!


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