Death Wish 2018 French full movie torrent

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Death Wish 2018

A family man became a linchevatelem killing machine when his family was brutally attacked by thieves. Dr. Paul Kersi (Bruce Willis) surgeon only sees violent violence in their city, and does not slide on her ER-wife (Elizabeth Shu) and college-age daughter (Camilla Morrone) safely attackedin their house. Police too many crimes, Paul dlyapomsta burning, hunting to persecute their family to bring justice. Because of killing criminals, known capture the attention of the media, the miracles of the city, if that deathThe deceiver is a guardian of thirstfor harvesting. Anger and wealth are faced with the intense death of the thriller.

Paul Crassy becomes a split person: the man who saves life and the painted man; husband and father who seek to protect their family and the brutal figure fighting the Chicago Crime;A surgeon who receives balloons of suspicious bodies and a brigade called “Death Detective” quickly closes.

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