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Mathworks Matlab R2015a

Mathworks Matlab R2015a (64 bit) –

MATLAB is a high-level interactive language environment used by millions of engineers and scientists around the world. It allows you to explore and visualize ideas and collaborate in all areas, including tagging and handling images, communications, computer control and financing systems.

Give an idea of ​​the action

You can use MATLAB in projects such as energy consumption modeling, smart grid construction, algorithmcontrol. Develop hyper static vehicle, Typhoon analysis and typhoon density, to see weather data and millions of simulations to find the ideal antibiotic against the best dose.

According to the new version

R2015a (version) – Issue date March 5, 2015

New features include the MATLAB R2015a R2014b, including high data enhancements, new hardware support and integrated documentation for the typical toolbar. See basic functions for more information.

New Features, Bug Attachments, Compatibility Considerations

For computers

Documentation:MATLAB File help tool for regular bar toolbar documents

Documentation: Please specify the presentation of the function

Array Size Limits: Limit the maximum range to prevent large devices

Sheet completed: Complete class and property classes when editing a class definition file

User interface options: interface language user interface

Language and Programming

Repeat Function: Repeat copies of series elements to create larger variations

TheIsager function: now supports multiple formattingwithin the range of cells

The function is: determine if the variable is a count

The milisegonds function: turns into millisegonds

Published brand: external file contents

Funfile Function: Keep all dozens of symbols

Python objects: index help

Python version: MATLAB support

MATLABPeiriant Python: support options start

MATLAB Engine for Python: Unicode Support in Python

Change the character matrix for the Java channel: save the null character

WSDLWeb Services Document: Restrictions

Test FrameworkUnit: labeling for testing and testing categories

Unit test scope: running parallel test

Unit test scope: sharing script variation

Unit test scope: use initial proof of service

Unit test frame: Compare Use the same object to use

Unit survey scope: Use the expected homogeneous block for expected reason

Git Source Control Integration: View branch details and delete branches

Library cmatrix: new features

It has been implemented or modified


Elaboratefunction: enter group data into numeric data or pages

Descriptive Statistics: Except for NN values ​​in the calculation of basic statistics, max, min, mean, median, total, var, stda cov included

Function of Molybdenum and Uniquetol: Comparative set using tolerance

Random numbers: generate random numbers using precision, Fast Mersenne Twister (DSFMT) algorithm on SIMD

Direct Jump Function: enter the nearest alphaShape limit point

It has been implemented or modified

Import and Export data

Datastore:Read the file with a ‘ReadSize’ file that reads the entire file with ‘file’

Datastore: from parallel data Read the split function data, along with computer tools

Webwrite function: Send a RESTful web service to send data using HTTP POST method

webread and websave function: request HTTP POST method using RESTful Web Services

xlsread and read function: read large file spreads in Excel format

text and readable Functions: Coherent results return when reading the charts mentioned

Filescience library file: improvements

Function removed or exchanged


Tune Function: Enhances animated relationships with new options

Function removed or exchanged


MapReduce: Run protection algorithm protects any computer group parallel to MATLAB Distribution Computer Science Services

Sandwich function: fast walking with various load computations

Hardware support

IP camera: Buy video directly from the Internet Protocol camera

BeagleBone DuHardware: BeagleBone AccessBlack Hardware to MATLAB Small Hardware BeagleBone Toolkit

Arduino Hardware: Access to Ardaino Leonardo and other commissions, MATLAB packing support with Arduino Hardware

Arduino Hardware: new installation feature

Employment is removed or exchanged

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