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Ex File 3

The third and final films of the popular Ek-File series saw Meng Un (Han Geng) friends, Iu Fei (Ryan Zheng Kai) to part with their girls and put themselves to life again in a life of painful life.
http://mrzinternational.com/2017/12/31/2018-cloverfield-movie-kickass-free-movie-torrent/ However, as a former girlfriend they regained their lives, their “One Pancake” began to come down!

Ek-File 3: Return EkesBuddies Meng Yun and Iu Fei split with their girls, but rather than feeling sad, they are satisfied with lifethey are in exile. Their happiness is short-term when they come back and are worried about their “Easy Plan”.


Translation: He

Classification: NA

General issue date: February 1, 2018

Genre: comedy / romance

Duration: Not available

Distributors: CSC Films

Actor: Han Geng, Zheng Kai, Kelli Iu, Zeng Meng Ksue

Directed by: Tian Iusheng

Format: 2D

Coco 2017 English .

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