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Wondershare Dr Fone for iOS

Wondershare is a tool that allows you to recover deleted data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

It happens to everyone for a while. You have deleted something from your iPhone and do not realize that you really need or want it later. Woops. Luckily Wondershare can help you recover it.

Wondershare is a desktop application for Windows PCs. Install the program, start the program and connect your iOS device to your computer. From there, easily deleted photos,to find text messages, videos, contacts and more.

Wondershare is also a useful tool if you have software updates that have failed or could have damaged your device in one way or another. In addition, Wondershare provides an easy way to browse through missing files before deciding to restore them

You can choose to either restore directly from the old iOS device or choose to restore from the last backup of iTunesYou. This process is freesimple, if you can make Wondershare recognize your device after you have connected it to your computer. This can take some effort.

Wondershare is a useful data recovery tool for various IOS devices

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