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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege takes on the classic standalone tactics of the popular Ubisoft franchise in the first fight against terrorism, making it a natural ending to the Counter Strike style, a multiplayer game.

Three Ts

In addition to creating several hard FPS games, Ubisoft Montreal has three main directions through the development of Rainbow Six Sieges, Teamwork, Tactics and Tension.

Place on a solid map with a destructible environment. Each round of the Rainbow Six Siege follows the same base Formulafrom Pan Counter Terrorism, who tried to disrupt the terrorist team (or at least that’s what I’ll call them, they’re actually other special Ops teams that have defensive skills). While the “five to five” action offers a balance of numbers, their goals and classes are different. This creates an asymmetrical game that guesses every team.

This requires the parties to plan their tactics first by developing a class for each device for each roundclass. As an additional layer for this Planning, before the attack starts, there is a stage where the Rainbow Six team can take the area to plan its attack while the other team will improve their defense.

So it’s cooperation and tactics, but the tension is hard to fix. Fortunately, Ebayoft has some very clear ideas about how to achieve this third development component.

Plan and attack

One of the duration of the match. Short fight – thisis the most important moment when the team playing multi-user game only lasted three minutes

Asymmetric games are also designed to guess you. For example, in the beta, Rainbow Six is ​​supposed to save hostages from their homes. Not knowing the location of hostages, but to find out when it was tense, the team had to use their surveillance methods to determine the hostages. As it happens, terrorists can close doors, fortify walls and make windows to delay attacks.

To balance the lackknowledge in Counter Terrorist this card has greater verticality. This lets you use multiple access points, such as windows that you can download, and walls you can destroy to create new invisible routes to the target.

To compete with multiplayer, terrorist terrorist teams can also work in this terrorist-hunting mode. This shows that your team is trying to disarm the bomb, while terrorists are swimming in you, try and stop.

Keep talking

Varioussetting difficulties in various forms, including realistic options to kill you – Rainbow Six Siege offers fun online games online. Make sure you have friends to play because this is a game where communication is essential to success.


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