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Smart Photo Import 2

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This is not the most successful design program, ready to help users in the use of digital photos and further support their rapid archiving. If we take into account the main purpose of this program, it is quite simple – help users to transfer digital images from cameras, various mass storage devices and other devices to the computer and immediately put them in the selected folder on the computer. Download configurationSmart Photo Import tomoż in full message about this you just have to enter, it can not be easier)

According to the creators of this tool is the perfect tool for every photographer, this is certainly true, but look, I’m not a photographer who pushes, maybe not so important, it can really fulfill its function, but I often judge by its appearance. . Photo import can be in batch mode to rename photos based on dates and other parameters such as imagesLots,they are sorted alphabetically, certainly without a hand, especially for me, for example, if the image is large, but I do not understand why I need it, there is a search function that is easy to use, but maybe there are people who remember only the first the letter of his name, of course, the benefits are not bad.

I support Russian import of photos, although the network has an explosion, I still have not tried it, if I added later. Mainly say about the program settings absolutelynothing so much, let’s say all the settings can be seen in the main window, as well as additional features that I can not find. Image import supports drag and drag mode, which means that files and folders are added, you can easily move them to the main window, it is useful, but I never drag a file, it can also exist on one or the other. No, I can not understand Generally speaking, end my little review of Photo Import,pros and cons, I think it shows at least more, it’s all in your hands.

Creator: Nwspro

License: shareware


size: MB

Operating system: Windows

How to install:

1 – Run and install “”

2 – Use the serial buttons in the text file to register the software

3 – That’s all. Enjoy the full version

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