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PIKSresizer is a simple and refreshing tool for photo optimization.

In fact, PIKSresizer is a perfect app if you want to make very simple changes to your photos before publishing, viewing or sending them online. For example, you can use this appTo resize photos (for pre-set or customized), change the file format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF) and optimize to send and send e-mail.

PIKSresizer is very impressive, and besidesthis function – and some other options you can enable, such as saving Exif data – you can not do anything else for that. This means free and works well, so if you often need to change the dimensions of your photos, this is a very useful tool for faking.

PIKSresizer lets you work with a single file or group of folders. Both open under separate tabs and you will be able to preview if you use the option for multiple files.

Quick, easy andwhat is actually said on the sheet, PIKSresizer is a great tool.

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