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F1 2013 is the best Formula 1 simulator on the market. It is a mature product with excellent graphics and a perfect management model. In this version you can also race against legends from the past.

Career, scenario and modes of the classic

The F1 2013 game modes offers all tastes. Sprint works synchronized (time trial, attack time), local mode or online multiplayer (cooperative or competitive), new classic mode and normal career mode.

At the beginning of 2013, you went bankruptYoung Driver test, which introduced the F1 world with tutorials that explain the importance of different types of tires, the use of KERS, DRS and more. You must reach the track to demonstrate your skills and attract the attention of F1 teams who may want to sign you for the World Championships.

Career mode, F1 2013, you start with a small team, and you must have a great season to wake up the known tsikavastsbolsh teams. You can evaluate the offers of other teams or decide to continuethe same team, trying to win more races. Anyway, in career mode, the final goal is the same: to get promoted to become a world champion.

Career mode is long and difficult, but if you want to race for a short season, you can choose a shorter version with a 10-match season.

F1 2013 is the official FIA license, allowing teams, drivers and vynikayutstyya circuits, from the real world championship.

Another interesting option of F1 2013 is the scenario mode.You will have to face a large and varied set of problems at the decisive stage in the driver’s career. You start with a beginner test and then you race with your team, problems at the World Cup level and finally a race for those who will retire.

But the main news of F1 2013 is the Classics mode, with cars and drivers that created the story80. Znoydetselegendy you like Simple, Schumacher, Damon Hill, Fittipaldi, NigelMansell, Berger and Hakkinen as well as the legendary cars that have become a history within a decade, such as Lotus, Ferrari and Williams.

The competition in the classics race will take you to the historic Jerez and Brands Hatch track, and the 2013 season, on the tracks. It should also be remembered that in the case of cars from the 1980s, there is a completely different management model than current racing cars. This is a clear choice at the time, tehnalogiibyv limited, and this is exactly reflected in F1 2013.

Ifyou like the ClassicClassics mode, you can download DLC cars and 90 drivers.

on the track

As for the F1 2013 game, there are no major changes compared to the previous version. control has been changed, and the machine is perfect.

Small improvements can be observed in the improved physics of trajectories and artificial intelligence, yakidobra and in order to obtain a pole position.

Before you reach the track, the engineer can set the car. You can choose functions such as suspension, flaps, force distributionbraking, tire, gear ratios and many more.

During the race you will receive instructions from the engineers from below. Check the status of your direct competitors, your reputation and other things that may affect your race strategy.

F1 2013 contains the syabeuse rules of the championships. Therefore, during the race you must avoid interference, jumps in turns or perform dangerous maneuvers, or you may incur a penalty.

Game or reality?

F1 schedule in 2013 At the highestlevel. Attention to detail is obsessive, and the car and circuit are perfectly reproduced.

We like the smoothness of the engine, which gives a sense of speed. lighting effects are excellent. 2013 is very realistic.

Collision damage can be improved.

Mature F1 simulator

F1 2012 has already a documented and successful follower. This new version will not revolutionize the game, but it improves and improves various aspects.

In particular, Codemasters decided to increaseF1’s volatility in 2013, especially with the script and modes of the classics, the latter can also zmyanitsvazhennyamodel give the size of the simulator a more retro feel.

The driving model has been improved, and graphics, sound effects, physics and gameplay perfectly. Paradigm F1 2013 for Formula 1 simulators, necessary for every sport fan.

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