Berserk Button: Never, ever, attempt to touch Rainblood’s

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Back at the zoo, everyone is walking when an announcement on the loudspeaker alerts everyone that the monkeys have inexplicably gotten loose, which causes the people to start running in a panic. Bogus watches the whole fiasco while holding the key to one of the cages as he walks off. Meanwhile, Tommy and the rest of the class notice the whole fiasco just as Tommy opens his backpack and becomes surprised to find that Bogus is gone. Tommy becomes frustrated that his best friend is gone, but knows that he can’t go looking for him without his teacher’s permission. The monkeys then start running amok throughout the zoo as they start raiding the students’ backpacks for food. The monkeys then start running around the teacher, who at first is rather hesitant, before he decides that the monkeys are cute as he cuddles to them, while Tommy is still worried about Bogus being lost in the zoo.

replica handbags china Adaptational Attractiveness: C’ren isn’t really very unattractive in his artwork of her in the ‘real world.’ She has a nice, healthy looking body with almost flawless skin for a homeless woman who lives in the snowy streets of Russia, if not for her smeared make up and slight https://www.aaabagss.com grunge. Well, James is still a male after all. See Scenery Censor for links to the artworks. Aerith and Bob: Jimblood, Vulture, and. Philip. A Little Something We Call “Rock and Roll”: Rainblood teaches Tom Riddle of the past about rock and metal music. This is then heavily and brilliantly Deconstructed in the next chapter. Alternate History: The deconstruction of A Little Something We Call “Rock and Roll” as applied in My Metal is this. The alternate timeline is the My Immortal universe, and Rainblood is Willow. Ebony notices that Willow is acting strange, and Darko theorizes that Willow might be an impostor. Alternate Universe: One Less Lonely Gurl is set in a world where the Spongebob Squarepants characters (except for Sandy and Karen) are humans, while Plankton’s Eye View is set in an alternate history where Plankton is freed after ten years in prison. James seems to be fond of drawing curvy women. However, he is against the objectification of women. He also uses Scenery Porn in his works quite often. All his works have Reality Subtext. Plankton’s second name is James, and both James and Plankton are said to be short. And very much in Solitude, where he is a successful architect. James himself also lampshades this trope often when talking about it. However, shipping himself with Ronnie is a joke. Or is it? (James already confirmed that he does love Ronnie.) One Less Lonely Gurl has been said to read like something written by a deranged Justin Bieber fangirl, which James is obviously not. Becoming the Mask: Rather gruesomely deconstructed in his poem Rivalry, which features an evil seamstress who symbolically sewed a dress onto the skin of her victim, who is the narrator. Berserk Button: Never, ever, attempt to touch Rainblood’s girlfriend or any of his friends the wrong way, because his blood will boil in anger, melt away the chains you bound him with, and then he will use the Cruciatus curse on you. God help you if he does push through with stabbing you fifty fucking times while blood spills from every orifice of your body. Just like James, he also takes the subject of rape VERY seriously. Bilingual Bonus: In My Metal, Rainblood is addressed as Rainbird in a chapter after he traveled back in time. In the original My Immortal, Ebony gets misspelled as Ibony in that chapter. Ibon is the Tagalog word for bird. This also hints at James’s Filipino heritage. Bish Rainblood. Lampshaded in story by Professor Styx. “With hair that rivals those of shampoo models and your Pretty Boy Korean facial features? Of course! Even your corpse paint can’t hide your beauty! That’s why YOU had been chosen for this noble job!” replica handbags china

Replica Handbags Onrack the Broken from the Malazan Book of the Fallen doesn’t mind being a clanless undead who walks the earth, contrary to some of his fellow T’lan Imass. As he puts it, there’s always something new to see. Rai, seems more like Who Wants to Live Forever? when seen by the rest of the cast, being an incredibly powerful being known as the Noblesse who has lived for millennia and feared for his incredible power and only sparsely received visitors, and only looks happier in recent time when living in a masquerade as a schoolboy. However, Rai himself doesn’t think much of his predicament; He is happier now in the company of the schoolchildren as well his his newfound friends, but otherwise he’s content with his life, sipping tea, reading books or just staring out of the window for reasons unknown. Replica Handbags

high quality replica handbags Another short lived example is with Lelouch himself at the beginning. hadn’t saved him, he blames his subordinates for not following his orders (and, while it is true that they didn’t, he knew they were a bunch of untrained, undisciplined freedom fighters rather than a professional army, so he should have expected it) and for his forces being so heavily at a disadvantage (again true, but, again, he knew that would be the case before going into battle, but went anyway). just laughs at him, and points out that a good commander would make sure the battlefield was set to his advantage before starting. To his credit, Lelouch takes this advice very much to heart, and never lets himself get outmaneuvered to that extent again. Later on in the series, he shifts to the opposite side of the self blame spectrum high quality replica handbags.


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