I Did What I Had to Do: Torrent’s rationale at the end

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ndp gives workers right to refuse dangerous tasks amid labour overhaul

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Replica Designer Handbags Alternate Character Interpretation: There’s a couple in universe of Averell Torrent’s actions. One might make one regarding Cole’s actions being that of a Face Heel Turn. Balkanize Me: Happens to Nigeria by the end of the book. Colonel Badass: Cole Depopulation Bomb: The nictovirus is feared to be one of these. Foregone Conclusion: That the disease will eventually break containment is treated as this, but since it can’t be part of public policy other actions are taken that will conveniently strengthen America’s position, readiness, and moral standing. Good Shepherd: Cecily becomes one of these. So does Mark. Kick the Dog: Cole spreading the virus to Northern Nigeria in order to make their planned genocide more difficult. I Did What I Had to Do: Torrent’s rationale at the end, which Cole agrees with. Infant Immortality: Shockingly subverted with Mark. Mighty Whitey: A good chunk of the plot of the second novel is about American Christians saving Nigerian Christians from disease, to the point that Cecily gets compared to and the same name as a sainted religious figure amongst the Nigerian Christians. The Plague: The entire point of the book. Powered Armor: The jeesh get these near the beginning. Saintly Church: Virtually all of Christianity gets this. What the Hell, Hero??: Many fans had this with Cole siding with Averell Torrent at the end. He gets another one earlier in the book when he spreads the nictovirus to Northern Nigeria in order to infect the Muslim population. See Kick the Dog. A literal example occurs when Cole confronts Mingo about infecting the team with the nictovirus deliberately. Replica Designer Handbags

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