Keywords Conversation: How Grunk interacts with the gnome

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never thought i’d have a photo good enough to submit here

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Replica Bags Mouse Hole: The mouse retreats into one at every opportunity, usually to inflict some misfortune on whoever or whatever dares to follow him in. Mouse Trap: This is the first attempt to get rid of the mouse. They find the trap sprung and the olive pit left behind. Undaunted, Ernie goes for his good cheese to bait the next one. The mouse steals the entire wheel while the two are busy waiting for it to spring the trap. Finally, they go for broke and set up hundreds of them. Cue Epic Fail as the mouse shows them just how intelligent he is. The Nameless: The mouse doesn’t seem to have a name. Nail ‘Em: Lars nearly kills the mouse by accident as he’s nailing in some wooden trim along the floor. Lucky for the mouse, Ernie provides a distraction. Never Recycle a Building: Justified as the mouse drove out everyone who tried to live in the house. Nice Mice: But not until the very end of the movie. No Indoor Voice: Ernie. Nathan Lane’s voice actor in Brazil said the movie was his hardest work ever because Ernie yells so much he barely had a voice after each day recording the dubbing. Non Fatal Explosions: Ernie and Lars are both blown up by the mouse twice (the first time, Ernie is blasted from a chimney and into a nearby lake) but luckily, they only have some soot on their faces and shredded clothes to worry about. Non Sequitur, Thud: This happens to Caesar after the mouse made a fool of him, sending him careening through the house and effectively driving him to madness. No, You: The brothers’ big argument is filled with these. Lars snarls that he betrayed him by trying to sell the factory behind his back, while Ernie snarls back that he betrayed him by keeping those deals secret when they had equal ownership in the first place. Lars complains Ernie blew up half the building trying to shoot the mouse, which Ernie points out Lars screamed at him to do. replica bags Ernie hates Lars, well Lars hates Ernie. Odd Couple: Ernie is tight fisted and practical while Lars is dumber and more idealistic. Oh, Crap!: Caesar, as he realizes he’s about to go on a painful journey through the house. Caeser: Aw, nuts! Replica Bags

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replica handbags china Dungeon Crawler: The game is a riff on this genre, though Grunk only got into the dungeon by accident, and isn’t interested in looting it, even if there were anything really valuable left after all the other dungeon crawlers https://www.replicasshandbags.com who have been through. Fantastic Light Source: All the underground locations, except for the room with the strange noise, are conveniently lit by (as the gnome later tells Grunk) “mossfuressence”, the alchemical distillation of those mysterious glowing fungi and shaggy mosses that always seem to be growing wherever there’s a hero lost underground with no torch. Hulk Speak: Grunk orc. Big and green and wearing pants. That good: pants important. Instant Mass: Just Add Water!: It’s not mass, precisely, but it’s a definite example of ludicrous dehydration. Picture this dehydrated fire. Keywords Conversation: How Grunk interacts with the gnome. Kleptomaniac Hero: Played with. The gnome has several grumpy things to say about earlier encounters with the type, and the Last Lousy Point is awarded for not acting like one, and putting stuff back how it was when you’re done with it. “You will forgive me if I find that a little difficult to swallow.” replica handbags china.


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