Grand Theft Me: While he’s not exactly stealing other peoples’

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The humans in charge of overall security end their chase of THX when it becomes too costly. Hologram: SRT, maybe. Considering he was in the White Void Room, he may just think he is. Grand Theft Me: While he’s not exactly stealing other peoples’ bodies, the Man in Black/Smoke Monster is able to assume the form of anyone who has previously died whose body is on the Island such as Alex, Yemi, Christian, and Locke. He can also seemingly project visions of other people from characters’ pasts, including Richard’s wife, Isabella. Grey and Gray Morality: Played with in the repetition from all different sources about who is a “good person” (or people) or a “bad person” (or people). CakePHP: CakePHP makes web development simpler while demanding less code. Licensed under the MIT, CakePHP is an ideal way to create commercial web applications. It also comes with the other built in features that are used for input validation and CSRF protection.

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