The song peaked at number sixteen in Canada and number seven

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hermes birkin replica After its release, “The Last to Know” received positive reviews from music critics. The song peaked at number sixteen in Canada and number seven on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart. It also reached number twenty two on the US Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. The accompanying music video for the song was directed by Dominic Orlando. Dion performed “The Last to Know” during her Unison Tour.[1]”The Last to Know” was one of three covers recorded by Dion for her English language album, Unison. Dion’s version was produced by British record producer, Christopher Neil. It was released as the fourth single in Canada on 11 March 1991 and third single in the United States (June 1991) and the rest of the world (September 1991). The song also entered RPM Adult Contemporary chart on 23 March 1991 and reached number seven there. In the United States, “The Last to Know” debuted on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart dated 13 July 1991 and peaked at number twenty two on 31 August 1991. hermes birkin replica

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