The optimum exercise modality for falls prevention in older

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Functional based exercise should be a focus for interventions to protect older, high risk people from falling and to improve and maintain functional capacity.Trial registration Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry 12606000025538.IntroductionFalling in older age has debilitating and isolating social consequences, along with high and escalating economic costs.1 2 Falls can start a downward spiral of immobility, reduced confidence, and incapacity leading to institutionalisation. Fall related admissions have not declined over the past ten years,3 and there is an imperative to develop effective strategies for fall prevention that are acceptable and sustainable over the long term for older people.The optimum exercise modality for falls prevention in older adults has been defined as balance enhancing activity and lower limb resistance training.4 However, the number of older people that routinely engage in strength training remains low at less than 10%5 and possibly much lower for activities that challenge balance. Those people older than 70 years who do engage in balance and resistance training are much more likely to be healthy and functionally capable than those who do not.Integration of exercise into lifestyle activities could enhance exercise adoption and adherence in other cohorts,6 7 8 but this approach has never been investigated in frail, older people at risk for falls.

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