The three finally convince Dracula to help build a school

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Basically Truth in Television: although “Oh My Gods” isn’t realistic, just plain “Gods!” does occur in Greek and Roman literature as an exclamation, although admittedly the emphasis is a little different (the speaker will usually address the gods with an appeal for help or an incredulous “Do you see this?”), and phrases like “ye gods” (and its minced oath version “egad”) or “by the gods” are equally common. (Also common was the singular “God”, which might mean either the chief god of the pantheon, or whatever god the speaker happened to be particularly devoted to.) Even more vulgar constructions have been found as well; a popular epithet found carved into walls by Roman hooligans is “By Juno’s twat!” It’s not uncommon in modern times, either; depending on what circles you travel in. If, in the created world, there is nobody referred to as “God”, and if there isn’t at least a belief in an afterlife/underworld called Hell, then nobody should use expressions that invoke either although a charitable audience could always put this down to Translation Convention.

wholesale replica designer handbags Cheerful and bright (but miserably lonely) 1600 year old vampire Draculaura lives alone with her father Dracula, and has for years: in this world, monsters have lived isolated from each other and society at large ever since the Fright Flight, a mass exodus after humanity turned on them at least a century before present day. Dracula tries to stress to his daughter to stay in the safety of the home away from humans (never heard that before), but regardless of his efforts she’s spotted by precocious 115 day old Frankie Stein during a flying lesson. Frankie follows them home and convinces Dracula to let her stay at the house, after which she and Draculaura secretly decide to build a school High. One problem no other students. On their search for them they find 15 year old Clawdeen Wolf, completing their trio. The three finally convince Dracula to help build a school, and create it. Afterwards they find many other students, starting with Cleo De Nile and Lagoona Blue, as well as new nemesis Moanica D’Kay and ghost incognito popstar Ari Hauntington. wholesale replica designer handbags

cheap replica handbags This is pretty much Truth in Television for Greek families, since the eldest boy and girl in each branch of the family are usually named for their grandparents (giving you multiple cousins with the same names), but other children don’t fit this pattern so they often have more unique names. Old Maid: Toula is only 30, but her parents seem to think she needs to get married right away. Her father started calling her old at FIFTEEN! This is Exaggerated Truth in Television, as any child of Greek immigrants will tell you. It’s a pretty common attitude in the Eastern Mediterranean that any woman over 25 who isn’t married is an embarrassment to the family. In the sequel he calls Paris old at seventeen. One Steve Limit: Aversion: Unlimited Nicks. Very many instances of Nikki. This is partly Truth in Television, as Greek children are traditionally named after their grandparents with only four grandparents to go around among the huge number of grandkids, there’s going to be some overlap. Obviously it doesn’t usually get that bad, but still. Parental Hypocrisy: A running theme in the second film. Toula moans “Why do you want to leave me?” when Paris tells the family she wants to head to college out of state, like it a callback to when Toula told Gus that she wanted to take college courses. At the wedding in the second film, Maria asks “Who said that a woman has to be married?” and Toula yells “You! All our lives!” with her older sister Athena nodding in agreement and annoyance. Pursue the Dream Job: Toula, in her early thirties, decides to invigorate her life, going to college and starting to work at a travel agency. Racist Grandma: Toula’s grandmother despises Turkish people. To judge from her age, this is probably a result of World War II. Sadly, certain events of that time explain a lot about her attitude. Television airings cut all of her “ugly Turk” dialogue, which makes for some awkward dialogue jumps (like Grandma walking in, almost immediately hitting her son, and Toula’s voice over explaining that they told her the war was over). Rant Inducing Slight: Toula goes into a long rant about her stifling family environment when her Greek ethnicity is brought up in conversation. Real Men Eat Meat: Ian is a vegetarian and Toula’s family is naturally shocked by this. Leads to a funny exchange: “What do you mean, you don’t eat no meat?. That’s okay, I make lamb. cheap replica handbags

wholesale replica bags Luna Sea provides examples of: ’80s Hair in their early Visual Kei days, downplayed by Ryuichi and Inoran in their 20th anniversary concert lunacy. All Drummers Are Animals Ever seen Shinya with long, unkempt hair and mustache, “talking” to the audience after a strenous and sweat inducing drum solo? Thought so. Alternative Foreign Theme Song: “Sweetest Coma Again” was the theme song for the Japanese release of the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. B Side There are even two albums of B Side Singles: Singles, Disc II (1997) and Another Side of Singles (2002), and their fan club is called after one: Slave, B Side of In My Dream (With Shiver) Epic Rocking Rain, Genesis Of Mind, Till The Day I Die and The One Crash to Create. Fanservice Inoran, Ryuichi and Sugizo, mostly. Foreign Language Title Arguably, since all their titles are in English (except one: Kono Sekai No Hatede), yet there is very few English in the actual songs. Great Balls of Fire Take a Shinya solo, any Shinya solo. Greatest Hits Album: Period The Best Selection. Hell Bent for Leather: Everyone at various points, with Shinya as the notable exception. He prefers the fur to the hide. Long Runner Line up: They lasted from 1989 to 2000, then reunited in 2010. Metal Scream: Prominent in their early albums, as Ryuichi would start a song clean, and slowly get grittier until shouting at the chorus, for an intense build of suspense. Performance Video: “Dejavu,” “Rosier,” “In Silence,” “Desire,” “End of Sorrow,” “Storm,” “Shine,” and “Tonight.” Putting on the Reich: Sugizo in photographs and TV performance. Ironically, he dislikes glorifying Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Putting the Band Back Together: Literally, in 2007 for a Christmas concert, in 2008 for the hide memorial summit, and for real in 2010 after ten years of inactivity. Self Titled Album: Two of them. Luna Sea, their first, and Lunacy, their last. The band’s original name was “Lunacy,” before they got signed. Vocal Tag Team: Minus vocal plus violin for “Providence” (it’s pretty much Ryuichi’s and Sugizo’s song) wholesale replica bags.


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