When he accepts every alternate version of him gets lumped

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my way or the highway

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high quality designer replica handbags Ambiguous Ending: Leticia eventually finds out that Hank is the former prison replica bags guard who executed her husband, but she doesn’t confront him over it and as the credits roll it’s left ambiguous whether their relationship will survive this revelation. Black Gal on White Guy Drama: This is not only a source of conflict, but the main one at that. A white death row guard begins a relationship with a black woman after he walked her husband to the electric chair, which he keeps hidden from her. She finds out the truth by the end, but it’s left open if they’ll remain together. Burn Baby Burn: Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) burns his corrections officer uniform after quitting the job. Coitus Ensues: The infamous sex scene, which many viewers regard as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. Death Row: Hank and his son are both death row guards. Hank particularly gets into it with his son when Sonny screws up a condemned man’s “last walk” by breaking down puking in the middle of it. Driven to Suicide: Sonny fatally shoots himself through the heart after a confrontation with his father Hank. The Grunting Orgasm: In the sex scene mentioned above. No Dead Body Poops: When a condemned criminal is to be electrocuted he is shown with adult diapers. Professional Sex Ed: This seems to be why Hank takes his adult son with him to visit a prostitute. A Real Man Is a Killer: Variation: Hank and his son Sonny are officers who work on Death Row and the story opens as the latter is about to participate in his first “last walk” of a condemned man. (The title refers to the party that used to be thrown the night before an execution.) However, Sonny loses his nerve and vomits during the walk. Hank is humiliated and furious and confronts him the next morning; the fight ends with Sonny committing suicide. The remainder of the film has Hank struggling with this loss (and notably, his own father chalks Sonny’s fate up to weakness). Sex for Solace: Leticia has sex with Hank after the deaths of her husband and son. Hank himself had recently lost his son Sonny. high quality designer replica handbags

Replica Bags Domain Holder: Powerful sorcerers can create pocket universes to retreat from the world or to practice the more inconspiciuous forms of magic. Notable examples include Artie Mann’s Fantasy Kitchen Sink London, Ernesto’s junkyard, and Genevieve Kelley’s Dream Land. Don’t Fear the Reaper: Death after his (relative) Heel Face Turn. Eldritch Abomination: The cloak. Death is scared of it. Enemies with Death: Initially. Energy Beings: Rondeau is one kind, the Thrones are another. Entropy and Chaos Magic: The chaos witch Nicolette and the far more powerful Elsie Jarrow. Evil Counterpart: The Mason to Marla, Crapsey to Rondeau. The Exile: In Dead Reign, Death magically exiles Marla from her city. She’s annoyed, to say the least. In Broken Mirrors, the surviving sorcerers of Felport exile her again. This time it’s permanent Fisher King: In Lady of Misrule, Nicolette uses a spell to become Fisher King of Felport, the titular Lady of Misrule. For Want of a Nail: An alternate Marla wasn’t able to resist the cloak because her universe’s Jason Mason died as a young boy, meaning that he wasn’t around to protect Marla as a kid or teach her how to defend herself as a teenager. The result of this is an evil Marla Mason and a dystopian timeline. Glamour: Joshua Kindler’s main magical ability, to the point where his presence and touch can become addictive. God Job: Marla becoming the goddess of death is set in motion in Dead Reign and fully realized in Grim Tides. In book five Bradley ends up lucking into a recently vacated position. When he accepts every alternate version of him gets lumped together and his job is to oversee the entire multiverse (our multiverse; not the larger overarching cosmic multiverse). Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: Flying is accomplished by insulting the forces of gravity. Healing Factor: The white side of the cloak can heal anything. Even being set on fire. Even headshots. The Hedonist: Rondeau. “What’s the point of staying alive if you don’t live a little?” Replica Bags.


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