Like Roost to the Flying type

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It came back with a vengence in Sun and Moon in the form of Burn Up and Revelation Dance, with not only a??? type Pok but also a??? type damage dealing move. Like Roost to the Flying type, Burn Up removes the Fire type from its user, but it does not add a type back when linked site the user is left with no type. The mono Fire Cyndaquil and Growlithe lines get this move, as well as Moltres who is left as a Flying type. On the other hand we have Oricorio with its signature ability Dancer and signature move Revelation Dance. The former causes the Pok with the ability to follow up someone else’s dance move immediately, and the latter is a dance move whose type depends on the primary type of the user. Now Skill Swap Dancer onto Arcanine that have used Burn Up, put the Oricorio back into the field, and Revelation Dance. The Arcanine will immediately follow up with its own Revelation Dance, which due to it losing its typing become a legit??? type damage dealing move.

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