There’s no backstory, no tension, and no explanation

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Zeno from Yona of the Dawn is considered a benign troll among fans. Zeno is one of the Four Dragon Warriors meant to protect the title character. He’s the last of the dragons to join the group and does so by just randomly showing up in their camp one day. There’s no backstory, no tension, and no explanation. He proceeds to be a enigma to both the readers and other characters. Most the time he acts childish and happy go lucky but will occasionally drop wisdom and harsh truths. When his past is finally revealed much, much later it turns out that Zeno’s power is immortality. He’s the original and only yellow dragon warrior. On top of that, he’d been following Yona and her group ever since she was forced out of the castle. His randomly joining wasn’t random; after months of watching, Zeno finally decided Yona was worthy of his power. With this knowledge, fans looked over some of Zeno’s past actions (like saying the dragons could take a castle and then immediately saying he doesn’t have that kind of power, or that time he called an elderly woman “young lady”) and declared him a troll. Capcom 3. From his Evil Laughs in many in his attacks (and in his Victory Pose in particular), some of his quotes that can come off as sadistically insane, his unorthodox playstyle (in that he can fly freely and mainly excels in keep aways), and the fact that he just looks plain ridiculous and comes rather out of the blue (when compared to many other Marvel fan favorites that don’t come in), the fans seemingly see him as a potent troll. Oh, and his theme goes with trolling.

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Replica Bags Basically Truth in Television: although “Oh My Gods” isn’t realistic, just plain “Gods!” does occur in Greek and Roman literature as an exclamation, although admittedly the emphasis is a little different (the speaker will usually address the gods with an appeal for help or an incredulous “Do you see this?”), and phrases like “ye gods” (and its minced oath version “egad”) or “by the gods” are equally common. (Also common was the singular “God”, which might mean either the chief god of the pantheon, or whatever god the speaker happened to be particularly devoted to.) Even more vulgar constructions have been found as well; a popular epithet found carved into walls by Roman hooligans is “By Juno’s twat!” It’s not uncommon in modern times, either; depending on what circles you travel in. If, in the created world, there is nobody referred to as “God”, and if there isn’t at least a belief in an afterlife/underworld called Hell, then nobody should use expressions that invoke either although a charitable audience could always put this down to Translation Convention. Replica Bags

Designer Replica Bags Heel Face Turn: Technically, Lucifer, though Uriel didn’t give him too much choice and God made the deal too good to refuse. He’s still a jerk, though. Idiot Ball: How could Metatron think that lying to an omnipotent being to his face was a good idea? Lampshaded by Gabriel, of course. I Need a Freaking Drink: Gabriel. Lamp Shading: Lots and lots of it, sometimes with the trope names quoted. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Evilosoth the Conqueror, Destroyer of Worlds, Adam’s replacement Antichrist. Never Live It Down: In Universe, Michael once stepped on the head of Steve the Demon, and now that’s the only thing anyone remembers Steve for. It doesn’t help that Steve hasn’t done anything remotely demonic other than that. No, You: Usually between Michael and Lucifer. Oblivious to Love: Uriel. Or at least oblivious to seduction. Official Couple: Played with, as Jesus and read more here Pepper both admit they didn’t take Adam because they were sure the other would ask him any day, and decide to work something out. Adam wonders why no one asked him. Michael gets a weird end of this in the epilogue. As always, Crowley and Aziraphale. Oh, Crap!: Loads, especially in the climax. The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Both Gabriel and Lucifer toward Michael. Papa Wolf: Raphael. Also a heavy case of Beware the Nice Ones Psychic Nosebleed: Uriel gets one of the “bleeding from the ears” variety when trying to keep Evilosoth’s Cool Airship from crashing down onto everyone. Recap Chapter: The introduction is this, with Crowley and Aziraphale telling the somewhat nerfed events of Manchester Lost to their godchildren. This turns out to be a Chekhov’s Gun leading to ID ing the Big Bad Remembered I Could Fly: Uriel never seems to remember he has wings. Samus Is a Girl: D Self Insert Fic: Apparently, Uriel writes these types of fanfiction. Shout Out: Far too many to name. Michael: A hero in shining armor has been called upon! A land in turmoil has cried out for a hero! I have the power, to engage in butt kicking for goodness! So go ahead, make my day! By your powers combined, I am Field Commander of the Army of God, One of the Chief Princes, Advocate of Israel, One Who is Like God, Angel of the Presence, Chief of the Virtues and Archangels, Angel of Truth, the Warrior, Defender of Christians, Patron Saint of Chivalry, Patron Saint of Warriors, Captain of the Host of the Lord, Prince of Light, Viceroy of Heaven, Prince of Israel, First of the Seven Who Stand Before the Lord, Archistratege of God, Prince of Primordial Fire, the Expeller, Supreme Commander of the Heavenly Host, Prince of the Seraphim, the Right Hand of the Lord, Conqueror of Satan, Saint Michael Mikha’el the Archangel! In the name of the Lord, I shall punish you Designer Replica Bags.


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