Smith livedbelow the current picnic area and across the river

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picture guide to directed outrage

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Replica Designer Handbags This is a great site and hope everyone enjoys it. I have been looking at old Smokies photographs for years, and with 14,000 photos, there are plenty there that I had not seen. The main issue for me has been how to navigate the web site and find home sites, bridges, cemeteries, people,or anything else that I want to view. I immediately scanned the Jim Shelton collection which had a link on the home pageand saw some of his photos that I had never seen. Here’s a sample of a problem that you will run into because it gives you more than you want when you do a search: For example, if you put in someone’s name like “Smith Jennings”, you currently get 3 entries for him andthen more withlots of entries for other people with Smith in their name. The first photo that comes up for him is a correct one; and below the picture, it states that it was taken atMetcalf Bottoms. Smith livedbelow the current picnic area and across the river and also across the road above the picnic area by the old LIne Springs Railroad Station. I believe this picture was taken at the train station site at what is now the junction of the Curry He Trail and the road. It was taken in 1936 and shows how clear that whole picnic area used to be looking back toward the Wears Valley gap. Of course that was farmland with crops where the picnic tables now are located. Searches will also turn up info from other national parks, and I haven’t figured out how to fine tune your searches to just the Smokies Replica Designer Handbags.


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