When a character isn’t using their weapon

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The idiosyncratic punctuation of his middle initial has its origins in the days when comic books habitually used exclamation marks at the end of every sentence. Ambiguously Jewish: Maggin’s backstory for Lex Luthor had him as a non observant Jew, but he wasn’t allowed to be unambiguous about it. Did They or Didn’t They?: Lois Lane and Clark Kent, in “Who Took the Super Out of Superman?” Distant Finale: The prose story “Luthor’s Gift,” and the comics story, “The Ghost Of Superman Future.” Expy: Captain Strong, a sailor who got incredibly strong after eating a green plant and had a skinny girlfriend. Holding Out for a Hero: “Must There Be A Superman?” I Just Want to Be Normal: In his Supergirl stories appeared in Superman Family, often Linda Danvers states that she wants to lead a ‘normal life’. Noble Demon: Lex Luthor. Maggin clearly had a soft spot for Lex and viewed him as a Tragic Villain who might actually see redemption some day.

replica handbags china Shut Up, Hannibal!: Light delivers an epic one to Neferet. Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness Snarky Non Human Side Kick: Cleo. The Sociopath: Lampshaded when one of the students dies in front of Light and he shows no emotion over her death. The other students whine and scream at him and call him a sociopath. Light only agrees and tells them that they’re probably right. The Soulless: during the House of Night ritual the Goddess more https://www.righthandbags.com/ finds Light to be “empty.” Light is very disturbed by this. Take That!: The whole fic is this to the House of Night series, in fairness. Talking Animal: Cleo. Justified in that having a Feline Affinity is pretty common for vampyres in HON verse (an affinity that would allow for such communication), and subverted in that it’s Light’s affinity and thus only he seems to understand her wittering. Of course, Word of God proclaims this development as simply for the Rule of Funny. Teacher/Student Romance: To Light’s discomfort Neferet tries to jump him when she thinks that he’s has been possessed by her lover Kalona. Techno Babble: According to Word of God, ‘No Hoper’ comes from the medical slang for the drug dopamine. There Are No Therapists: The kid who lost his mother to vampyres is turned into a vampyre and then thrust into the school full of vampyres. Yet no one seemed to consider he might benefit from some therapy. Thoroughly Mistaken Identity: when Neferet assumes Light has been possessed by Kalona, her lover and the Big Bad. Light has no clue what’s going on but for the sake of self preservation plays along with it. When the scary vampyre lady asks you if you’re a God, say yes. Title Drop Transplanted Character Fic: Light in the HON universe. Unwanted Harem: Light seems to attract fangirls wherever he goes: Zoey, Neferet, the Twins, Kayla, Damien. Unreliable Narrator: Light is incredibly biased at times, due in part to being prejudiced and highly strung in general. Van Helsing Hate Crimes We Have Reserves: at the start of the story the scientists seem resigned to the fact taht most if not all of their test subjects are dead, dying, or going to die. What the Hell, Hero?: Neferet calls out the human scientists looking for the vampyre cure for experimenting on and killing children. What Measure Is A Nonhuman Whole Plot Reference: The No Hopers aren’t expected to live long, hence the name, so the doctors give them simple black journals to record their thoughts and feelings during the process. called “Death Notes.” You Are What You Hate: Light hates vampyres and Light is becoming a vampyre. replica handbags china

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wholesale replica bags In Deadpool’s narration for The Thrill of the Chess, he does an impression of Magneto and says “Mysterio has always been after my goods!” The accompanying picture has Mysterio standing directly behind Magneto with Mysterio’s arms wrapped around Magneto. Magneto even has a shocked expression on his face. (Did we mention that they were in prison together at the time? Bonus Getting Crap Past the Radar points!) Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Certain characters can be unlocked by getting into fights with them. The fights don’t come with any explanation, they’re just there. Ground Pound: Any character with a melee weapon can do this. This is required by bigfigs or super strong characters to break floor mounted cracked walls. Guns Akimbo: Black Widow, Mystique, and Star Lord. Hammerspace: Mostly averted. When a character isn’t using their weapon, it’s shrunken down and attached to their sides/back. But played completely straight with Agent Coulson, whose “Loki Destroyer” gun disappears completely when he puts it away. Hand Wave: Why does a metal statue animated by Magneto react to being attacked as if it can feel pain? Reed Richards says he has a theory to explain it, but we don’t get to hear what it is. Harmless Freezing: Characters with ice powers or gear (Iceman, Lokinote thanks to the Casket of Ancient Winters) encase opponents in blocks of ice, which can be broken out of by moving around really quickly. While frozen, however, enemies can be killed with a single hit. Hub Level: Manhattan as its sandbox, with level starting points and side quests scattered across it; hub functions are in the SHIELD Helicarrier hovering over the city. Hulk Speak: The Hulk, obviously. Hurricane of Puns: From Sandman in the first stage. Idle Animation: Everyone has them, and there’s actually quite a bit of variation. Characters will scratch their head, point their weapon, or twirl around. Loki will put his staff in the ground and lean on his back on it with a chill attitude. Then the staff collapses and Loki falls down and has to pick himself back up. Helicarrier hovering over NYC. (Most characters get a parachute.) Ignored Vital News Reports: In Marvel Super Heroes, if you wander around New York after finishing the main storyline, you may encounter a random bystander explaining that he missed all the excitement because he’d been playing video games for several days straight. Indy Ploy: Captain America’s plan for chasing Dr. Fantastic: Over there, Captain! What’s the plan wholesale replica bags.


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