And Skull a few strips later

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cheap replica handbags A character sheet is in progress here and Needs Wiki Magic Love. Ax Crazy: The Cow starts out as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, but ends up as one of these literally. She also combines it with Stalking Is Love. Betty and Veronica: Brandy and Jen Big Word Shout: “KHAAAAN!” Bound and Gagged: Happens to Leslie and Ralph at the hands of the Cow, complete with ball gags in a Shout Out to Pulp Fiction. Evil Brandy also does this, to Brandy and then to Frank. The Cameo: Brent and Francis from PvP appear at a sci fi convention. And Skull a few strips later. Casanova Wannabe: Dean. The Catfish: Khan. Cheek Copy: Dean tries this, and cracks the glass. Classically Trained Extra: Al holds a PhD, but still just tends the tavern Comically Small Bribe: Dean tries to bribe Frank to perform liposuction with a five dollar bill. Comic Book Fantasy Casting: Brandy is very clearly based on Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame. In the same vein, her father John Carter was originally supposed to be a dead ringer for Superman, which can be seen in a panel from Brandy’s wedding that must be gold to all Superman/Wonder Woman shippers (he eventually ends up looking an awful lot like Tom Selleck). Brandy’s resemblance to Wonder Woman is parodied in the strip itself several times. One instance is when Liberty Meadows catches on fire and the cartoonist fantasizes about Brandy saving the day by turning into Wonder Woman (this is scrapped when he decides it’s too ludicrous). Another time is at the comic convention, when geeky fanboys continue to insist that Brandy is Lynda Carter and ask how many times she spun around to turn into Wonder Woman. When she finally convinces them that she is not Carter, they immediately start insisting that she is Lucy Lawless, the actress who played Xena. Conspiracy Theorist: Al the bartender, though his theories tend to be a bit further back than normal. Like his rant about Francis Bacon writing Shakespeare’s plays every time someone mentions “bacon”. Contest Winner Cameo: Dave Colombo, “a huge fan from the Midwest” who pays Monkeyboy Cho a shoebox full of twenties for a 30 second appearance. Dave (facing the fourth wall): “Ladies, I’m a lonely, lonely man.” cheap replica handbags

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