One may re establish a free flow of energy through chakras and

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Now the world is dependent on traditional energy sources (fossil fuels), which, however, after some time are exhausted. In addition, minerals are not present everywhere and it is not always easy to extract them, and countries that do not have their own raw materials must buy from abroad. The mass burning of fossil fuels is one of the reasons leading to the rapid degradation of the environment. These contaminants are associated with the production of large amounts of toxic ash and waste heat. The negative effects include the destruction of parts of the Earth, eg. Shifting soil, heaps and heaps of ashes. These aspects forced to use ecological way of obtaining energy from the so called. alternative sources, which are an alternative to conventional sources. Alternative energy sources can be broadly divided into renewable and synthetic. The first use of the nature, strength naturally occurring while the second synthesis fuel, or the replacement of the well known naturally occurring hydrocarbons. The difference between them lies in the fact that renewable after ensuring adequate infrastructure can be used without major financial outlays. In the case of synthetic fuels it must be continuous supply of energy because it can convert one type into another, but you can not get it out of nothing. So natural is receiving energy from renewable sources. Investing in these energy sources provides for a number of benefits to individuals and communities.: reducing dependence on foreign energy sources; replacing less accessible and increasingly expensive fossil fuels niewyczerpywalnymi and cheap sources of energy; increase energy security; activation of local entrepreneurship; reduce emissions of air pollutants associated with the processing of fossil fuels and thereby reduce morbidity resulting from environmental pollution and many others.

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wholesale replica designer handbags The balance of masculine/feminine energy (yin/yang) and 5 elements is also considered in this system, as these also reflect patterns of consciousness. Anything within this system can be accessed by connecting with the other than conscious awareness and establishing communication to identify any existing disturbances in awareness, processing, or data in the system. Input to the system is provided at different levels in different healing modalities. Subtle energy stimulation can be provided as well as herbs, acupuncture, nutrients, flower essences, gem essences, essential oils, homeopathic solutions, psychological processing, massage, chiropractic manipulation, and more. Remember all that exists is essentially consciousness so these are just metaphorical representations of consciousness patterns providing stimulus for conciousness to balance itself. One may re establish a free flow of energy through chakras and meridians by merely having an awareness of these systems and issues that need to be addressed and then focusing healing intent. All the various products in physical reality used for healing are just carriers of information available in the greater Matrix of awareness. Your mind body system reacts to the information “solid reality” is an illusion, so the homeopathic medicine and the bottle of essential oil just hold recorded data like the zeros and ones in a binary computer file if you rearranged the data these items would not have the same effect and would be different to human senses. Our senses just carry out programmed responses to form a perception of the external world for our holographic view of the density level we are experiencing. Much of the programming comes from patterns transmitted by our DNA but our own consciousness is interacting with these forms of programming and rewriting them over time to reflect our responses to our human experiences wholesale replica designer handbags.


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