Boxed Crook: The four women are offered pardons for their

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Replica Designer Handbags Continuity Nod: The video for Signs of Life track “,” sees a prisoner declared “Illusionist,” and “Dreamer,” a reference to “Illusion Dream,” another track on the album. The music video for Title Track “Carnival of Rust” contains references to other songs on the album. Among them: “Fire” eaters ply their trade The Ferris wheel is called The Great “Gravity” Wheel, and fragments of its lyrics serve as slogans on Zoltar the fortune telling automaton’s case. The customer’s fortune ticket bears a number “4” for “All the Way/4U” The Bearded Lady is being tattooed with the word “Delicious.” Cool Mask: In “Carnival of Rust,” the Carnival customer conceals her face behind an impressive gas mask, while its workers are all bare faced, implying that the environment is toxic. In “Daze” all the Masquerade Ball attendees wear ornamented Venetian half masks, but Villain Protagonist Evil Clown Hamartia has an exceptionally elaborate full face Venetian Jester mask that he drops on beginning to sing, and toys with throughout. Cover Version: In their earliest shows, they would pad out their set by covering Simon Garfunkel’s “Hazy Shade of Winter.” They performed a live studio version of “You Know My Name,” Chris Cornell and David Arnold’s James Bond theme from Casino Royale, for The Voice’s Liven Vieraissa compilation album, while fully decked out in Bond Tuxes. They covered Finnish rock band Dingo’s “Tobacco Road” for the tribute album Melkein Vieraissa Nimemme On Dingo They sometimes cover “Salaisuuksia” (Secrets), a song they originally composed for Johanna Kurkela. To date, its the only song they’ve performed in Finnish. During a set, vocalist Marko Saaresto may perform an a capella version of Irish folk ballad “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.” They’ve performed a live acoustic cover of Adele’s Break Up Song “Rolling in the Deep” at Radio Nova’s Nova Stage. Crazy People Play Chess Implied in the album art for the radio edit of “Drama for Life,” which features a red king piece, and click more more explicitly in promotional materials for the song itself. The song’s subject is a Battle in the Center of the Mind between the singer and his agitated, Mad Artist Ghost in the Machine, described by Word of God as a game of chess. Culture Police: In the video for “,” an Ambiguous interpretation of the Poet County Jail officials conducting Mad Dreamer Mark’s psychiatric evaluation (with which he would agree) is that they find his brand of creativity threatening. Replica Designer Handbags

Designer Replica Bags Orbital Kiss Butt Monkey: Roger Bender, Michael’s best friend (played by Gerrit Graham). He gets his car trashed and is kidnapped and embarrassed by Dr. Morris’s team in the second episode, is constantly at the mercy of his wife, gets himself handcuffed to a priceless treasure on Thanksgiving, gets ambushed by Men in Black in a bathroom stall, and tries and fails to safely teach Heather how to drive (with disastrous offscreen consequences for his car). Came Back Strong: After his “death” in the subway accident, Michael comes back with amazing strength, speed and grace. Comm Links: Theo supplies Michael with an earpiece that will allow them to stay in contact when he’s on a mission. Half the times he runs into Lisa, though, Michael usually yanks the earpiece out. Cut Short: The show ended on an extremely major Cliffhanger. In the making of documentary on the DVD set released in 2014, show creator / executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron revealed that this was a deliberate ploy aimed at CBS to keep the show on the air and he never would have done it if he didn’t think it had a good chance of working. Deadpan Snarker: Everyone has their moments, really. Michael, Theo and Heather fall into this habit most often. After testing how long Michael can hold his breath underwater:Theo: How do you feel? Designer Replica Bags

high quality replica handbags Action Girl: Four of them. Five if you include Ulrika. Boxed Crook: The four women are offered pardons for their (largely trumped up) charges if they can rescue the president’s daughter. Demolitions Expert: Mei Lin’s specialty. Does Not Like Men: Ulrika does not trust men, and definitely has a thing for women. The Dragon: Grigori is the one man that Ulrika trusts. Excuse Plot: Four criminals recruited to save the president’s daughter from a misogynist warlord. how can this go wrong? Girls with Guns: All four women have their preferred gun, but they seem willing to fire whatever is handy. Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: The bad guys spray the protagonists down with automatic fire several times, and no one takes a hit. Although Grigori later takes a minigun to a set of hastily armed prisoners and mows them all down easily. The Mole: Raven fairly predictably turns on the others and makes a deal with Ulrika Neck Snap: Clay performs a fairly effortless one on one of the mooks. Token Evil Teammate: Three of the women are in jail for trumped up charges relating to them wreaking vengeance on men who spread pain in the world. Raven just likes getting paid to kill people. Trojan Prisoner: Part of their plan for getting in involves faking Mei Lin as a prisoner high quality replica handbags.


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