Local Canberra coach Kaz Patafta helped Evans secure the deal

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replica hermes Canberra FC youngster Aaron Evans had good reason to miss the grand final against Belconnen United on Saturday, given he’s signed his first professional contract. The 19 year old left for Hong Kong last week to begin a one year deal with newly promoted Tai Po FC in the country’s top division. Local Canberra coach Kaz Patafta helped Evans secure the deal, which the defensive midfielder is hopeful will lead to bigger things. “Kaz has done a lot of work behind the scenes to get me this fantastic opportunity, now I’m going to live my dream of playing professional football,” Evans said. “What the club over there has asked for is a centre midfielder who loves to get stuck in, who loves winning challenges and headers and runs the show, basically. I’d like to look at the higher leagues in Asia or even set my sights higher and play in Europe one day.” replica hermes.


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