Two actions stand out: when the British fleet fired on the

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Australia’s War with France. By.Australia’s War with FranceWhen France fell in 1940 to the Germans there were strange consequences: the British and Australians fighting former allies when they became part of Vichy France. Two actions stand out: when the British fleet fired on the French fleet in case it fell into Nazi hands, and battles in Syria and Lebanon in 1941. ‘ detailed and readable account goes deeply into the now largely forgotten latter campaign. The conflict can, to some extent, be seen as a continuation of colonial squabbles and James’ story of the diplomatic intrigues surrounding the campaign makes fascinating reading. The British, worried Syria might be taken by the Germans, ordered the attack thinking the Vichy French would not put up a fight. They did. The result was an intense battle between the Australians and the French.

Broken Pedestal: Steven is horrified when he learns his mother shattered another Gem, even if it was one of the Diamonds. Call Back: The Rubies from “Hit the Diamond” are back. So is Sardonyx, last seen in “Friend Ship” Just like Steven in “Steven’s Birthday”, Amethyst has trouble maintaining a form larger than her Shapeshifter Default Form over an extended period. The moon base control panel is smashed and the Diamond communication crystal is gone, both of which happened in “It Could’ve Been Great”. Cliffhanger: Steven is blown into space Hermes Birkin replica https://www.replicabirkins.com with the Rubies. Crush Blush: Doc really liked getting to sit on “Jasper’s” lap. Cry Cute: Eyeball does this when she sees Amethyst as Jasper getting too close to Doc. Dark Secret: Rose shattered Pink Diamond; Pearl and Garnet already knew and they never wanted Steven to find out. Deceptive Legacy: Pearl and Garnet already knew Rose had shattered Pink Diamond. But they have gone to pains to only paint her in the most positive light for Steven’s sake. They didn’t exactly lie, but they kept the worst truths from him. Greg is a bit more realistic about it when Steven asked back in “The Return”, explaining to Steven that the Gems were at war and in war people do terrible things. Ironically, Amethyst ends up doing this for Jasper, allowing the Rubies to keep their idolized version of her, rather than the Broken Ace and Jerkass she really was or letting them know she’d succumbed to Corruption and is now a mindless monster. Determinator: The Rubies checked on every other planet before returning to Earth. Didn’t Think This Through: Amethyst convinces the Rubies to head back to Homeworld and file a report on Jasper’s behalf, but the Crystal Gems don’t consider that they have no way off the moon base. When Doc offers them a ride back, their lie is exposed since Amethyst has reverted back to her normal form. Don’t Explain the Joke: After Pearl says that she’ll never talk. Amethyst!Jasper: Huh, I wish.

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