Police interviewed 6000 people in relation to the killings

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Designer Replica Bags Now the families of both women hope evidence collected in the case against Mrs Penny husband Robert can finally solve the case at a second coronial inquest.Robert Penny, 84, was last year charged over the murders but died while his lawyers fought to have the case discontinued.MORE: Robert Penny dies waiting to face courtShocking Portland murders remain unsolvedNew evidence included statements from Mr Penny children and granddaughter police said were critical to finally solving the baffling murder mystery.It also included a covertly recorded conversation shortly before Mr Penny arrest in which he talked about the murders and murder weapon.Robert Penny outside court. Picture: Eugene HylandSource:News Corp AustraliaThe building where the murders occurred. Picture: Tony GoughSource:News Corp AustraliaAn original inquest into the murder, held in 1995, concluded in an open finding.Police interviewed 6000 people in relation to the killings.Both the Penny and Acocks families requested a second inquest.Police said evidence by Mr Penny estranged son was to be critical in the case against him.He had also allegedly disclosed chilling detail to Mrs Acocks husband the morning after the murders.Police said Mr Penny visited the Acocks family home and said: died very quickly. She was killed with a tail comb. that time no one, including police, was aware of puncture marks or injuries.Mr Penny son also told police his dad phoned him the night his mum was killed and told him what weapon was used.On the morning of the murders police believed the couple had an explosive fight over their granddaughter.Mrs Penny had wanted to take the five year old to the hairdressers with her but police allege Mr Penny refused because Replica Designer Handbags knew what was to occur there later that day of his death Mr Penny persistently denied any involvement in the killings. Designer Replica Bags

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