Threat score can be raised by a variety of means

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In a dystopian future where most of humanity is dead and acid rain falls constantly, a Junker someone who goes into ruined cities to scavenge for useful things takes shelter overnight in an abandoned planetarium.Well, a nearly abandoned planetarium, that is. There’s still one staff member left: a robot girl named Yumemi Hoshino (Reverie Planetarian in the Fan Translation). She seems not to realize what has happened, instead still living in the era before the war which caused all the destruction, and is still waiting for the return of her human co workers, who were evacuated long ago. She enlists the Junker’s aid in fixing the planetarium’s broken projector; over the course of the repair project, he grows fond of her, and begins trying to convince her to leave the planetarium and come with him.

Replica Handbags Aggro: A multifaceted term used primarily in MMORPGs but slowing seeping into the single player RPG corner, as well. At the most basic level it refers to the act of an NPC enemy (“mob”) attacking a Player Character. If the mob is not programmed to attack on sight or only do so when a PC comes within a certain range, the player can prepare for battle (“before you aggro”) and attack, forcing the mob to retaliate (“draw its aggro”). During the battle, a mob can usually only target one of the PCs attacking it, so “aggro” is used in relation to its current target (which can stay the same or change depending on circumstances). Confusingly, the term can also be used interchangeably with “threat”, another MMORPG mechanic has been bleeding over into single player games, too. Threat is a (normally) hidden score that the enemy AI assigns to each player character attacking it, so it can prioritize its targets: the higher the score, the higher the likelihood of the AI targeting (“putting the aggro on”) that character. Threat score can be raised by a variety of means, including damaging the enemy, assisting your allies who damage the enemy, as well as by special abilities; some special abilities also help lower the threat. “Threat management” refers to players manipulating the threat scores to keep the enemy attacking the Stone Wall characters, while keeping the aggro off Glass Cannons and Combat Medics at all times. Replica Handbags

high quality designer replica handbags Nerds Are Sexy: Victoria counts herself among those who see University Challenge ace Alex Guttenplan as an example of this; when he and two of his Emmanuel College, Cambridge teammates appear in a 2011 special against Only Connect Champion of Champions winners the Crossworders, Victoria keeps trailing off during her opening interview with Guttenplan. Nintendo Hard: Only Connect prides itself on being the toughest quiz on television. Even within the show, the music questions tend to be notorious for being difficult. Offscreen Teleportation: The Connecting Wall round is edited to give this impression: Victoria tells the first team their score, turns to say a few words to Replica Handbags the audience, and by the time she’s turned back the second team is already in position. One Steve Limit: Brilliantly averted with the Davids in the Eggheads vs Davids special an all star team comprised of three captains of other champion teams, all of whom were named David. Overly Long Gag: Reading out a list of alternate answers that would have been accepted for a question where the set of acceptable answers amounted to ‘Any thing or person with the initials PS’. Overly Narrow Superlative: From the opening of a 2013 episode:Victoria Coren Mitchell: Hello, and welcome to Only Connect, BBC 4’s hardest quiz. It’s also BBC 4’s easiest quiz. Not only that, it’s BBC 4’s only quiz. high quality designer replica handbags

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