Reused Character Design: ARGO: An Accurate Summarization uses

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They possess the power to both communicate and bond with the Mitama, whereas everyone else can either only bond with them (Other mononofu like Ouka) or only communicate with them (Shrine Maidens like Kikka and Shikimi) Climax Boss: Remember Gouenma/Chtonian Fiend, that Big Red Devil in the tutorial? That’s the Oni Commander and boss of chapter 4. Since he’s directly responsible for pretty much everything you’ve gone through up to that pointnote As the Oni Commander, he’s been the one orchestrating all the other Oni activity, including the giant bird that ate Fugaku’s village, the Oni that brought the Dreaming Disease to Utakata, the repeated assaults on the village’s barrier, etc, punching him in the face is a catharsis of the finest degree. Combat Medic: Nagi, which is why she’s one of the more popular party members.

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Hermes Replica Bags “The Reason You Suck” Speech: The internet gives a pretty brutal one to the fat guy, which becomes faster and harder to make out as it goes on. Refugee from TV Land: In Blonic 2, Bluckles claims to be the actual Knuckles, trapped in the real world. Reused Character Design: ARGO: An Accurate Summarization uses the same design for Jack O’Donnell that Ukinojoe used for Walter White in Fixing Good (complete with phone), since Bryan Cranston played both of them. Nice Guy: Sean. And to a lesser degree, Rob and TC. Numbered Sequels: With a subtitle. Up The Academy was directed by Robert Downey Sr. A young Ralph Macchio plays one of the main characters. Antonio Fargas plays the soccer coach, and a young Robert Downey, Jr. Big Brother Worship: In his book “Moonwalk”, Michael wrote to feel this toward Jermaine. I was most fascinated when watching Jermaine because he was the singer at the time and he was a big brother to me Marlon was too close to me in age for that. It was Jermaine who would walk me to kindergarten and whose clothes would be handed down to me Hermes Replica Bags.


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