(I know a guy who has a book or paper with him at ALL times

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The expectations of the work for graduate students was easily 3 to 4 times as much as undergrad work per course. That being said, I toke fewer classes, but became an expert in them. Generally, most people are funded through the department that comes with duties that are at most 20 hours a week, but usually much less. We were told that our first priority was to be a good student. Everyone work schedule is different, but most people in my class put in at LEAST 40hrs a week exclusively to studying (not counting GTA duties.). Again, let me stress that 40 is a minimum in the sense that your slowest week should still be a min of 40 hours in the office or wherever you work. Like anything, the more time you put in, the more successful you will likely be. The “geniuses” in our department are the best not because they were born like that, but because they eat, breath, sleep and shit math all day, everyday. (I know a guy who has a book or paper with him at ALL times, literally before bed, while eating, taking a shit and still reading math) I definitely not that hardcore, but then again, I not the most “talented” either.

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