Talkartoons had no central character; like many Flesicher

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Screen Songs began in January of 1929, Max decided to expand on his experience with Lip Synch by dedicating Talkartoons exclusively to that purpose which began with Noah’s Lark in October of 1929. Talkartoons had no central character; like many Flesicher productions the shorts were based on successful gag structure and the characters’ actions timed to the musical track. After several one shots they would eventually settle on Bimbo, a cigar wielding, sarcastic, chauvinist personality whose design was based on Mickey Mouse’s. Much of what Bimbo actually was, was a redesign of Fitz from Out of the Inkwell; at least Grim Natwick’s personal interpretation of the character. After Huemer accepted a job at Mintz producing the Scrappy shorts, Natwick became the driving force for Fleischer Studios. Once more Paramount was anxious to promote one its headlining stars Helen Kane and used Talkartoons as a tool to help promote her likeness. Natwick was in charge of conceiving this character as Bimbo’s love interest, this character eventually evolved into Betty Boop. She first made a cameo appearance in Dizzy Dishes and eventually went through several redesigns, much of her development as a personality took place following Grim’s departure to the Ub Iwerks studio. Betty Boop abruptly took over the series and became one of the largest box office draws of the early 1930s. Talkartoons was converted to Betty Boop by 1932, Bimbo being demoted to little more than a sidekick and Ko Ko the Clown occasionally being brought out of retirement.

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