This infuriates Bogus something awful

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There is trouble in Bogusland, as Baddus and his Meteor Goons wreak havoc in the illustrious town of Bogietown. First, Baddus and his minions tear up the streets then lastly, they chase away the patrons at a restaurant, where they then start having a food fight against each other. Meanwhile, in the bathroom of the Anybody residence, Bogus is looking at himself in the mirror when his reflection develops a mind of its own and starts causing a lot of grief for Bogus. After his reflection squirts him, music starts playing as Bogus starts dancing to the music, before his little cousin, Brattus, flies out from the mirror and knocks Bogus to the ground. Brattus then alerts Bogus that Baddus and his Meteor Goons are tearing up Bogietown. Upon hearing the news, Bogus becomes afraid at the aspect of having to face off against Baddus, and tries to talk his way out of it, to no avail, when his final claim is that he has to wash his hair (which is pretty funny since Bogus is completely bald). Brattus is not fooled, but when Bogus tries to prove his final claim by summoning up an Elvis Presley wig which situates itself on top of his head, Brattus starts teasing Bogus for being a chicken, as the inanimate objects in the bathroom start making fun of Bogus. This infuriates Bogus something awful, as he states that he’s not chicken, before he literally turns into a chicken and starts clucking like one.

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