At the Premier League, Chelsea is having one of their best

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(Notable Songs: “Prime Time”, “Since The Last Goodbye”, “Don’t Answer Me”, “You Don’t Believe”) Vulture Culture (1984) About the selfishness and dishonesty of modern culture. (Notable Songs: “Let’s Talk About Me”, “Days Are Numbers (The Traveler)”, “Hawkeye”) Stereotomy (1985) About the pressures of modern life. (Notable Songs: “Stereotomy”, “Limelight”, “Where’s The Walrus?”) Gaudi (1987) Inspired by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, especially his Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona. At the Premier League, Chelsea is having one of their best seasons ever. The clubs fights neck and neck with defending champions Manchester City who are currently tied with them in both total points and goal difference. Former multi season champions Manchester United is also recovering fast from their disaster last season.

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